Sunday, 2 April 2017

More Inspiration at the Guild AGM

This morning I attended two lectures Firstly by the amazing one of a kind Sandie Lush and next Kate Dowty who has also carved her own path from the outset.
Sandie's quilt of knitting
Sandie is known for amazing hand quilting and the patterns she has created for others to use. Considering the quality of her work her output is remarkable. I've just included one picture and not a typical one as wholecloth is hard to show properly. Jen Jones wanted quilts inspired by the Welsh quilts in her collection. Sandie is known for quilts representing knitted garments. For  this one she turned the tables and knitted a quilt and the quilted it with thick thread. I was amazed at how many of her intricate pieces have been made as gifts for others.

By Kate Dowty, woven bias strips

Kate Dowty with her quilt

Another one of Kate's

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