Friday, 31 March 2017


I'm attending the Quilters' Guild Conference in Torquay this weekend. Today I attended lectures and sussed out as much as I could of this very confusing building.The two morning speakers were wonderful hand quilters and like me (or should it be but like me?) learnt with templates made from cereal packets. One also like me wielded compasses and set squares. (Pictures posted with permission)

Linda Pardoe who until revently made all her quilts entirely by hand : this is an early piece.

The arena where we'll have the gala dinner tomorrow.

Another wonderful early quilt by Linda Pardoe.

Art Deco piece by Linda Pardoe.

Jo Colwill with her Baltimore style quilt behind

Jo Colwill with a quilt made with samples left at her
Cowslips shop.

With a quilt patterned in a recent Todays Quilter magazine

And a  disappearing nine patch

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