Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lytes Cary

On the way home we stopped for a picnic lunch at a National Trust property, Lytes Cary, an old medieval but restored  manor house in a lovely peaceful setting. We had stopped there on the way to Torquay too when I noted an old 18th century quilt in the bedroom. So coming back I nipped up with my camera to take some pictures (allowed if no flash).
The shapes and arrangement are quite unusual. Some shapes which one would expect to be composed of several patches were in fact made from a single piece of fabric.
General view

At the side - note the plethora of arrangements.

Note single fabric with just one seam top left.

Another example

Beautiful spring flowers in the garden

1 comment:

Julie Fukuda said...

No internet or even quilt magazines in those days... I suppose one had to come up with your own design solutions.
Looks like spring has arrived in your neck of the woods.