Sunday, 30 October 2016

Houston !

Myself Belinda and Tracy at High Fashion Fabrics

The other half of the vast store
When we we got out of the taxi at our hotel we were greeted by a wall of wonderful  heat.  After mega unpacking we took a taxi to High Fashion Fabrics which didn't prove to be too far away. What a store. On entry we were greeted by a wall of printed silk and the vast space was doubled when we realised there was another hall of cottons etc. The staff were very nice. There was a warm but refreshing breeze blowing as we emerged and we walked several blocks back to downtown. It was good to get the exercise. And we then shopped hungrily for food at the very upmarket Phoenicia grocery and deli on our street and returned to enjoy a relaxing gin and tonic and lovely healthy salad and also crisps and Welsh Cheddar on crackers. Bliss!
According to my bio clock it's 4am so off to bed.
Shopping for food


Sandra James said...

Wow it looks amazing - enjoy you lovely ladies

JoZart Quilts said...

How lovely that I can share another trip with you. Yet another that I wish to do myself, one day.
I look forward to your bulletins and to seeing all you get up to and all the super quilts.
I am just about to do a post about my visit to Malvern (last week) but Huston will no doubt eclipse that!
Have fun and thanks for sharing.
Jo x

Beatrice said...

Hello, this shop looks huge! I'm taking the liberty of sharing this post on a French quilters forum. I hope that's OK with you. I'll check back to read your other articles. Enjoy your trip!