Monday, 31 October 2016

halloween in Houston

Server in JoAnns today

Today we shopped. First Jo-ann's always intended to be my most major purchase shop and so it proved as I bought large and small mats, and a large rotating mat and packs of large and standard blades. My fabric purchases were relatively restrained with small amounts of Halloween fabrics to make Trick or Treat bags for or group sales table  calico or muslin as it known here and bright blenders for my Linus quilts.
This was followed by a trip round Walmart where my friend bought presents for family members while I tended trolleys. I got a few FQs destined for Linus quilts.
Belinda and me with loaded trolley

We registered for the show and checked where the bus is due to leave for tomorro Halloween.w's tour and found ourselves among a very happy crowd going  to watch the Houston rockets. Lots of razzamatazz.
Then cocktail time at the hotel. The barman took a shine to us and gave us special treatment with ameretto margarita then  Blue Hawaiian.  culminating in strawberry daiquiris.

The third and last cocktail
Now we've unpacked the shopping and prepped stuff for tomorrow and are tucked up on our beds watching films and keeping up with social media.
Over cocktails I was thrilled to chat to Victoria (Vicky) and Beverley fro Generation Q magazine, already a firm favourite with me. We ere presented with our very own advance copy.
Victoria and Beverley - we were all in free flow

The a
mericans really do know how to celebrate

Breakfast in the hotel

Winner of the Houston
Halloween competition.

Adnother entry

And more

Ghosts in the potted plants

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JoZart Quilts said...

It looks like you are having a great time and it all seems good fun. Love all those Halloween comp entries to.
Jo x