Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Coach Trip

Quilt Museum

Guild raffle quilt on display in the museum -
 I bought tickets.

There were even pictures of winning shw quilts in the loo and
very nice too.

And here we in the "Grandmother's Flower Garden".

Witch ladies, mother and daughter, on the tour -
still Halloween.
Today we took a trip as part of the show events, driving out for a couple of hours to the Texas quilt Museum at LaGrange. We didn't see much as it was foggy all the way. The Museum was hosting a wonderful exhibition of New York Beauty quilts from Bill Volkening's Collection.
Next door was a beautiful Quilt Shop, The Quilted Skein wih a srong focus of a comprehensive stock of Westminster fabrics and in the room beyond more plus a long wallof C19th reproduction fabrics.W e had a lovely lunch (about the nicest meals I've had in Texas, all fresh food, imaginatively cooked) at the bistro set on a typical town square based around the courthouse where we took advantage of the refurbished loo.
the Quilted Skein
On into the countryside and the Kreische House. They ran a brewery. A husband on the tour was more than a little disappointed o find it wasn't still fucstioning. I imagine the family was considered reasonably successful but living conditions were distinctly basic - the pioneer spirit. Then on to two more Quilt Shops, Sew and Quilt and the Quilters' Emporium. Driving between the two and then back we tookin the sheer scale of Houston, so spread out. A bonus was getting back in time for cocktail hour at the hotel and enough snacks that an evening meal was unnecessary.
Courthouse in the centre of the square in LaGrange

Pioneer type house in LaGrange

View from the upper porch at the Kreische House

Crazy quilt on the bed in the Kreische House

Sew and Quilt Shop

Quilters' Emporium

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