Monday, 24 October 2016

Last of the retreat

My Linus blocks

Here are my remaining photos from the retreat. On the final morning I framed and trimmed some Linus blocks. I really enjoyed my time but it is also good to be home once again.
Farmer's Wife blocks in 30's fabrics by Yvette??

Kathy's cosy  Rail Fence


Mandy's blue cobblestones

and detail

The pattern matches on all four border corners

Kathy's "Recession" bags

and Caroline's Christmas stockings

Isabel's double pinwheels

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Julie Fukuda said...

Lots of inspiration going on in your group. Some little kid is going to enjoy those blocks.
I was thinking of you today. Our pre-school has a very good library system and I can walk into the room and find all the books that have been stirred on the shelves and are out of place. Now the Director is wanting to get certified as an "International Baccalaureate" school. The inspectors came and want us to re-do the whole library system to fit six topics. I suggested they get stickers representing each topic and mark the books that fit and leave them as is. No, everything has got to change. Honestly, not every three-year-old picks out a book by topic ... except for the dinosaur shelf! I told our director I want to go to a school that has met those demands and visit the library and talk to the librarian.