Sunday, 12 June 2016

Workshop Day

The day of my in-house workshop day dawned at and alleluia I felt better than I have done since the back sprain happened. At last I am returning to normal. So I was able to demonstrate the cutting and pinning and display the quilts just fine and go and visit people as they worked as long as I had a chair to land on. It helped that Petham Village Hall was so well lit and new and that dear friend Judi was the hostess. She made me a lovely lunch and helped with the cutting across the full width.  Her sister Joy and friend Ingrid transported stuff to and from her car. In turn the students, a lovely class, helped each other through the cutting stages and went on to make some lovely blocks though not all of them are here.
We thought these looked like Moorish tiles - Victoria's.


Betty's - very prolific as I did her cutting for her!

Margaret's butterflies - exquisite

A detail

Another block



A mirror image

Joyce's lovely fabric had a lot of variety so the blocks can be coloured
quite differently

Anddeen's ery effective fabric creates swirls.




Pam's tutti frutti

And again


Judi's - very tasteful

Cilla's - stripes make for an interesting effect

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Julie Fukuda said...

I have tried that with six pieces and eight pieces and now have a small piece of fabric with four repeats that I hope to try. Beware, it can become addictive.