Saturday, 18 June 2016

Fame at Last

Very unexpectedly I won three rosettes at Sandown - Traditional Patchwork, Sampler Quilt and Judge's Merit. I hope I wasn't the only contender but as I am not able to attend because of the sprained back (very much better now, though) I shall never know and intend to smugly gloat. I like to put traditional/bed quilts in shows because that is what I want to see and I like to take pictures of them hanging up. Friend Belinda kindly sent me these:
Blue Dragonflies quilt, a Bonny Quilters afternoon project.

Detail - my first and last feathered star.

Poppy Quilt for Judi


Plum Cox said...

Congratulations! THe quilt looks fabulous! Well done you.

Beatrice said...

Congratulations! I was at Sandown on Saturday and recognised your Poppy quilt and was also quite smitten by the piecework and applique dragonflies on your Blue Dragonflies quilt. And no, you weren't the only contender!