Friday, 10 June 2016

Joseph's Coat

My first sewn section

Well over a decade ago I started hand piecing blocks in multiples of 1.5" yielding sizes of 3",4.5",6",7.5" and 9". Over time I have amassed a basketful of these. Later I machine pieced a whole batch of Farmer's Wife blocks though I don't think I will need to draw on them hardly for my quilt. I initially worked out a quilt size, then the total area in square inches, then the area of each size of block and kept totalling these up as I went along. Anyway Now I no longer have a divan bed but a bedstead I've amended the width to 51 sqs by 54, a size of 76.5 by 81" so I'll have some blocks  leftover at the end.
I made a plan dividing the top into blocks and made my first section.. Then I decided that was too regimented and I wanted the different size blocks to dovetail more so I started again dropping nine patches across the surface, then 7.5s and 6s and finally filling in with the two smaller sizes and single squares. It will involve a lot of partial piecing but hand piecing makes that easier. I'll make out a section, sew that, join it and them move to the next choosing the blocks from my piles as I go. It will be fun.
Plann A

Plan B which I am following

Basket of blocks

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Julie Fukuda said...

My younger sister once made a quilt with many different size blocks. I think she used a pattern but since seeing it, I have thought that might be fun to try. It is on my "some day" list. Yours is quite inspiring.