Thursday, 18 February 2016

Something Quilty this way comes


Back at the Convention Centre we all met up again and Belinda and I were delighted that we had been among the first to register all those months ago and received a goody bag. There was that delighted buzz of ladies excited to be there and released from domestic duties and work for a few days. Charity Quilts made by Guilds hung in the lobby.
So pleased with our bags

First on the wall of Guild charity quilts

Guild charity quilts

Guild charity quilt

This was a favourite with all of us but lacked a label.
We returned to our breakfast venue to buy a lovely fruity and seedy loaf sliced for us and various other goodies. They gave us loads of butter packs. Damp and footsore, we were so glad to be back in our room and sat on the side of the bath washing our feet before partaking of lovely buttered bread, gin and tonic and tea with .the film "Big" on the TV.
Goody bag contents

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Julie Fukuda said...

Ah ... ladies at play ... what FUN!