Thursday, 18 February 2016


By arrangement we had a separate day today by and large but started with a lovely very refined breakfast on Colorado. Then I went shopping before bussing and walking to the Huntington. The weather had changed and the rest of the day took place in cooler temperatures and drizzle. Those of you fed up with us extolling the wonderful hot weather will be pleased!  I encountered my travelling companions  in a gallery which was good as we could sort out our catering situation. Penny had taken stunning pictures of the garden and plans to return. As I had arrived later I confined myself to the galleries. The European building held lots of eighteenth century paintings by Romney etc and the star of the show was Gainsborough's Boy in Blue which caught the attention as soon as you entered the room.I enjoyed the American galleries but the only names familiar to me were Cassat and Hopper and O'Keefe.
Smoked salmon, boiled egg and lovely bread and cream cheese and Jasmiine
green tea.


Oranges - we've seen lots of these.

The conservatory

Frank Lloyd Wright furniture

I thought this could be a quilt

Then a ong drizzly walk to the bus stop feeling a bit miserable but another jolly chatty journey with only two of us passengers and the Mexican lady bus driver in conversation.

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