Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Off to Hollywood

Entrance to the Forever Cemetary

Tuesday we went to the Paramount Studios catching a bus to Hollywood Boulevard  and walking three long blocks to the studio but partly through the Forever Cemetery where apparently many famous people are buried, not that we saw any of them as we had to hurry but it was a beautiful setting with interesting graves partly because many had pictures of the deceased on  them. .After our two hour trip our guide asked where we were parked. When we said we had walked from Hollyrood Boulevard he exclaimed "You walked!!" in terms worthy of any actor. No one here walks and the buses are largely the preserve of the dispossessed.

You can faintly see the Hollywood sign above the building behind

The props store with guide, Chris, in the foreground.
Then it was time for margaritas and burgers outside on Hollywood Boulevard and I just couldn't believe I was enjoying all this.
Dusk fell as we ate but it continued balmy and warm.
When we got back to our hotel we noticed one or two other pairs and threes of women around -the quilters are coming!

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