Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Having a lovely time

Sunday we had Florentine eggs Benedict at Marstons, a popular spot, very homely and charming. We walked to the Gamble House passing under the Freeway and found a shady spot to sit while we waited for the house to open. It was an an Arts and crafts house using lots of fine woods and with a strong Japanese influence and attention to every detail of structure and furnishings. I loved the sleeping porches and the airy light filled attic. It was hard to take a good photo so check out images on the net.
Yesterday, Monday. was shopping day. We managed to link our favourite 180 bus route to a JoAnns and enjoyed the ride with various incidents to observe along the way. We only seem to have to pay part of the fare and the needy are excused all together. We need get off too early so another walk which we are enjoying and needing after the hearty food here. We had a more healthy hotel breakfast by the pool however an Penny is swimming. Even I managed a swim on Monday.Back to the hotel and then the Metro another transport system to learn. It was so quick to LA Dowtown where our rather elaborate planned route was interrupted by the arrival of the Citadel shuttle. Robert the driver was n unofficial tour guide. The reeway was static so we went a half hour fascinating backway, first lots of stretch limos arriving for the Grammys, then the exensive fashio district with fabrics spilling out of down at heel shops and workshops etc along the way followed by recycling plants.  The shopping centre was full of Chinese families scooping up arm fulls of clothes. I was a bit fazed by it all but managed a T-shirt and pair of Sketchers. If only I didn't have wide feet. I got two pretty frocks for my granddaughter.
The trip home took less than ten minutes and we ended up late to bed and for the first time I wasn't the first to wake but slept in. We fall asleep to Jarvis Cocker's Wireless Nights on BBC i-Player.
Paramount Studios today.
A shady spot and wearing long sleeves as protection from the lovely hot sun.

Breakfast at the hotel on Monday.

Could only manage a silhouette of the Gamble House.

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