Friday, 19 February 2016

It's started

Instagram screen
Today the show proper has begun. The use of modern technology to speed things along is impressive. Our barcodes are scanned as we enter lectures. Instagram posts pop up on a screen n the lobby. Jackie Gering hosted the awards show - really large images of the winning quilts on the screen. Then it was an impressive lecture by Casey York on art as inspiration, not just for colour but form, use of contrast and decoration etc. with lots of examples.
Here and below examples of inspiration and interpretation.
A wonderful space in an older building across the way houses many of the quilts ; it's well lit with partly natural light with plenty of room and no traders to distract.
I was particularly interested to see the special exhibit "Quilts of Molly Upton" as I read an article about her years ago. She died very young by her own choice so it was good to know her quilts had been preserved and kept together by those left behind. Although her designs were outside the norm in other ways with puffy wadding and hand quilting and fabrics to hand they give a picture of quilts at this time.

Here and below, quilts from the
Molly Upton exhibit

We had a  lovely evening meeting up with Brigitte and her daughter and ate outside on an upstairs terrace.
Good company

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