Sunday, 14 February 2016

Another day another meal

Saturday we walked up to the Convention Centre to suss it out and also the Visitors' Centre which being a Saturday was closed! We had a super breakfast sitting outside before walking to the Norton Simon Museum - oh what wonderful pictures - and there was a beautiful sculpture garden too and to finish a cafe and cool drink.. We caught a bus outside which took us 17 blocks along the Colorado Boulevarde all the way to the New Moon Quilt Shop where we bought but not hugely as the owner said the best was packed up ready for QuiltCon. The bus back was a different one which dropped us off a little too early but we ventured into Gap (top for granddaughter) and Zara (dress for Penny) before loading up  with supplies at the supermarket and staggering back to the hotel for a regenerating G&T.
Another cocktail (Bikini Margarita) with our meal. This time I shared lobster/shrimp/scallop and black tagliatelle with Belinda.
Computer use has been a bit tricky here and the webmail seems a bit stuck but I'll try to keep up.
Sculpture Garden
Lots of works by Degas

Degas again, a favourite.

Three luminous Van Goghs which are the first works you see

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Tracy Aplin said...

Lovely picture of you and Penny... Looks like it's nice and warm too, not like here!