Saturday, 13 February 2016

Off to Pasadena

We've been talking about it, planning it and now at last the day has dawned, We stayed overnight at the Crown Plaza near Heathrow which was quite swish though as we were just in transit our room was quite untidy with our open cases in lieu of unpacking. The Virgin flight was good in all respects except it was very long. I hadn't provided myself with quite enough to do but did some sewing and watched Bridge of Spies. Steve Jobs and most of Spectre, the latter rather tedious I thought but the other two were completely engrossing. When the plane came to rest and we had retrieved our hand luggage passengers were asked to return to their assigned seats and subsequently a very burly man in military fatigues and black rubber gloves arrived to escort three men off the plane. We emerged into completely changed world of low rise buildings in all directions, warm sunshine and palm trees. It was exciting peering out of the taxi windows looking at signs and different vegetation. We did pass through the high rise LA downtown but as we approached Pasadena the landscape changed to low hills and a more countrified air. After unpacking our first assignment was cocktails by the pool after which we negotiated a change of rooms to look onto the pool - we can walk straight out through french doors. We ate at a super nearby restaurant and got a small taste of the lovely streets and shops here before back shattered and asleep by nine.I'm writing this at six after lots of lovely on and off sleep.
Overnight stay near Heathrow

Penny and me with our margaritas

Belinda and Penny at Santorinis

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Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, another adventure! I'll be watching to see what is in store. When are you coming to Japan?