Sunday, 11 October 2015

Peaky & Spike

To draft connect square corners to centre side once.


ZigZag, mainly Peakies
Last week the U3A demonstration was Peaky and Spike, the long legged isosceles triangle contained within a square with the base forming the straight grain side of the square. One spike is the reverse side of the other. We showed how to make these with templates but also learned the Tri-Recs tool aids rotary cutting these shapes. If you place strips right sides together you can Tri-recs the face and reverse Spike shapes at the same time.

Drawing on the reverse side of fabric around Peaky
template which includes seam allowances.

Spike template in situ

Spike template reversed

To make chevrons use alternate colours

Adding the second spike

Sewn and pressed, right and wrong sides.

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