Sunday, 26 July 2015

In the Steps of Karen Stone

One of Judi's quilts

Dragonflies raffle quilts at Oast: I have my eye on the flying geese
I have spent a very interesting and enjoyable one and a half days in the presence of Judi Mendelssohn. First her talk at Oast Quilters which was just delightful and had wide appeal to the grass roots and the more art leaning members. I was very intrigued by her fabric choices as her quilts from years ago did not reflect the dusky pinks and apricots of those times and are not dated at all.
And today I did her New York Beauty workshop based on the quilt she did working systematically through Karen Stone's book and learnt some foundation piecing techniques I will revert to again and again. We were provided with a booklist, something few quilt teachers do but which I as an ex-librarian consider very important. Inger Milburn would do the same and I try  to too - keep the chain going! It's important to acknowledge sources.
Looking at Judi's quilt from Karen's book

Judi's samples

My samples and they are just that, hence the different colour choices and
yes, that is a glass of something in the background. It was an
unseasonably chilly day.
And from Sisters:
This would be easy to copy but would need to be laid out in entirety before

I think this one may be by my tutor, Jackie Ericson or at  least be inspired by her.


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