Monday, 27 July 2015

Good progress

Just one more row to add

I was home alone today and spent a lot of it breaking the back of my quilt for a baby. I cut new sized units for the top part and completed that section by lunch. Then I sewed the other squares in sections. To help me keep track of placement I ironed the squares onto freezer paper, a trick a friend learnt in a Houston class. I am going to leave off the last row as it seems big enough. I have also just decided to have it longarmed as I think this will improve the quilt though sledgehammer to crack a nut comes to mind. Tomorrow I'll start on letters and appliqueing the hands.
Constructing the quilt in sections

Squares ironed onto freezer paper ready to sew. 
From Sisters:
Pretty setting

Main Street

A lovely classic log cabin

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Julie Fukuda said...

The baby quilt is coming along so nicely. I'll bet it will be a much-treasured gift.