Thursday, 30 July 2015

Written word

From Sarah Fielty's workshop

I warmed up for piecing the baby quilt back by adding an end piece to my "Stitch" workshop piece and squaring it up. I like these improv. letters very much but they are quite time consuming  and greedy for fabric so for the child's name I opted for a different method following a book friend Tracy lent me. I have appliqued the pink hand and heart and the lilac hand and will  do the red star tomorrow when I'll attach the final back piece. I have nowhere to put my leftovers so took the bold step of emptying the "short strips" drawer which only gets fuller, never emptier, and put the lot in bags for the bin. A first step to overcome my over hoarding.
Newly emptied drawer

Bags to go
Auditioning the arramgement
The lettering book

Nearly done

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Julie Fukuda said...

That will be a much loved quilt.