Saturday, 25 July 2015

Not a happy bunny - or rather, elephant.

Bordered to fit elephant panel

Well that was yesterday evening but after a before-bed-survey I had a rethink and now feel a bit happier. I am making a baby quilt for the long awaited daughter of friends of my son's. The first idea was squares and to have the parents' hands on the front but I decided that might very well not look right given the high patterning of my fabrics and because I wasn't happy with my sketched out positioning. So now they will go on the back on a very pretty low impact fabric bought in the US.
Unfolding my FQs I discovered a whole elephant so that had to be included only it didn't fit in with my 2.5" finished square size, nor would it with any other sized square. So I sewed oblongs to the sides to bring it up to 15" finished and to the top to make it 12.5" finished.
I also dotted about some 5" finished squares which I then removed as they didn't look right. If they had completely coordinated with the elephant print it would have been all right.

With 5" squares

Isketched out fabric placement on squared paper and set pieces in their corresponding positions on my temporary design wall. Then I sewed the first section. To prolong the animal comparisons it looked like a dog's dinner. Off to make tea in disgust.
This is with top left section sewn and no 5" squares

Now I am going to have narrow 1.75 oblongs extending from the top of the elephant out to the sides of the quilt. The elephant  side pieces finish 2.75" and the ones next to them will too.
Then I've gone all Fibonacci and will add the two numbers and have 4.5" oblongs along the bottom of the elephant panel and out to the sides. This should look intentional and better. If not, the back will be very nice. . . .
I may use my new lettering skills and add her name, pity it's quite long!
And from Sisters, something completely different AND coordinated:
Machine embroidered quilt which my companions didn't like but the next lady with her little
girl loved it and the daughter wanted to buy it! I was interested because I have friends who use
embroidery machines.


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