Saturday, 27 June 2015

Usual Suspects Sewing Day

My two sets of sampler quilt blocks

There were only 8 of us on Tuesday as some of us had family duties elsewhere. I laid out my sampler blocks for two separate quilts. Mostly I've done the same block in both versions but sometimes an alternative seemed more suitable for the modern, such as for the stained glass and house blocks. Lynne Edwards' sampler books are my chief source.
Judi is taking part in a modern guild transatlantic red and white block swap. Several of supplied fabrics  I just had to buy her the striped one. She has made her Patience Corners very cleverly. We also spray basted her HST top, again lovely fresh fabrics.
Judi's HST "sandwich"

Judi's starting point which is then cut into quarters

and rearranged into "Patience Corners"

or a cross.
Our group quilt was back from the Sandown show but I was so occupied pointing out its felicities I forgot to take a photo but did take a photo of Maggie's showing the fabric on the back.
Maggie's "African" quilt
Ingrid has completed her bright scrappy top.
Ingrid's jolly top
Lunch is a major item on the agenda and Maggie's reversible quilted tablecloth and mats lent a refinement to the occasion. We didn't spill anything!
The table setting, lots more dishes to come.

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