Saturday, 20 June 2015

So pleased

The three Queen Beez have made a quilt together - utter joy as we all worked well together and the design lent itself to group work. We pooled fabrics and eliminated those that didn't fit and sewed our stint of four patches and completed decorative centres for some of the blocks. We are two Marys and a Margaret, all names of queens of England and/or Scotland  hence Queen in our name. I'm one Mary and the other one created lots of exquisite embroderies, I did one or two redwork pictures but along with Maggie mostly little appliques. Maggie longarm it quilted after mutual discussion about design. We showed it at Sandown and are absolutely delighted that we got a judge's merit rosette as did Maggie's individual quilt. I went yesterday while the others are going tomorrow and will pick up the quilt so no group photograph.
Vintage Squares

Maggie's rosette

Maggie's quilt in African fabrics with a framed lion's head in each block.
What a fantastic border!


JoZart Quilts said...

Well done on such a marvellous result. So glad I came across your blog, such an inspiration.

Beatrice said...

Oh! I went to Sandown too. I was there on Saturday. Congratulations on the rosette!