Monday, 10 March 2014

U3A Block 6a Whirligig

Block 6a is the trickiest one. I made a mauve and an orange version (I've mislaid the latter!) the pair of flying geese going all in one direction were foundation pieced and the one on the outside were made individually with one 2.5 x4.5 oblong and 2 2.5 squares with one diagonal line drawn across. The two flying geese units were joined and then a 6.5 x2.5 oblong on the side and these four 6.5" units joined together to form the block. For pictures of how to foundation piece the paired flying geese check out the blog post for 13th February 2014. The size of the unit is different in this block, however, a 4.5" (unfinished) square before joining to the other pieces.
The four quarters of the block laid out ready to sew together.

A background square is laid right sides together
on the goose. Sew along the drawn line.
Flip over and press. Trim away excess fabric.
Place a second square on the goose so that the drawn line
intersects the first triangle at the seam line.
Sew along the drawn line, press and trim as before.
Repeat four times..

A completed block.

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