Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Oast Quilters' Day

Helen Howes drove down from Norfolk to show us her work.  She was a kitemaker before taking up quilting and she is a professional textile artist, not a maker of bed quilts. A recurring subject of her work is trees and there were many treatments of this subject in the quilts she showed us. Her talk was just the right balance of information and entertainment and there were no longueurs. Quay Quilters were the hosts and two of our members are helping Helen hold up her quilts and then arrange them on tables below the stage for everyone to see.

Reminds me of black and white houses. Please don't pin!

On stage, Helen on left.

A larger version of our class sample. Respect the work and no

Please do NOT pin this picture as HH had the nasty
experience of someone insisting she had not made
this quilt after it had passed through many boards and
provenance was lost.


Julie Fukuda said...

What interesting variations on a theme.

Beatrice said...

saw a few of her quilts in Holland last year. Love the trees too!