Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Working on the backlog

Batik Stars

I have been trying to clear a lot of my backlog of projects in various stages so that I can concentrate on one thing at a time or one thing and perhaps one or two ongoing group efforts but I won't engage in these unless I can complete promptly. Likewise workshop projects. Anyway here are some very nice batik stars on Kona black background  from a 2003 (?) swap. I had 14 in all but resisted the urge to make the total up to 15.  Instead I'm omitting two, one mine, a pale green that stood out too much. The orange interlaced star is mine. As you can see there were some expert piecers in this transatlantic swap notably friend Judi whose block is top centre. I had all sorts of clever ideas to make the quilt large by framing square in square star borders etc but looking at it I can see a modest size is best and I want to capitalize on the fact that unusually these blocks of different designs can be pieced without sashing. I will add an inner and then outer border. Then it will go to my friend Maggie who is embarking on her longarming business. She is to be my secret weapon when it comes to finishing up.
Now to watch the paraolympics opening show. 2.25 million tickets have been sold for these events. Populous China managed 125000! Pleased about the change.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh! What a nice memory! Perhaps we should do that again . . . .

Julie Fukuda said...

Those are very pretty blocks and stunning against the black. I wonder if I would ever be able to pass a quilt to a longarmer. I sure don't like having un-finished things piling up si only have few things going at once.
Thanks for your kind comments to my blog. My blogging friends are the greatest!