Saturday, 25 August 2012

Festival of Quilts

Cotton Patch's wonderful stand
Last weekend I had a very enjoyable time at the Festival of Quilts held annually at the NEC in Birmingham UK. This is the UK's biggest show wihich attracts visitors and entrants from all over the world but especially Europe. I show some general views here. I particularly appreciate the white walled galleries featuring the work of individuals or groups. The Pauline Burbidge retrospective was a wonderful chance to see her work from early art deco inspired pieces to her latest work passing through various phases inbetween.
I have been having problems uploading photos from my computer to my blog. I get a 'server returned invalid response' message but if I upload items into Picasa and then download I can do it from there. Very roundabout and very mysterious. If anyone can shed light on this I should be grateful.

Stands for demonstrators/designers/teachers.

Outer wall of a gallery
Photographers at work
Main  non juried show

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Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for the show! I have been having trouble with the pictures too and have also tried the Pikasa route but I am nor so happy with that either. I suspect by the time I get it all figured out, it will all change again.
(at this point, I have not been able to prove I am not a robot after four tries)!