Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sewing machine sequence

Machine tying seaside bluework

Quay Quilters' group members demonstrate ideas and techniques to each other and for my little presentaion I chose redwork despite very limited knowledge. I attended a couple of workshops and made two little quilts with a seaside theme but in blue, not red. This one is 37inches square and I used a perle thread rather than stranded embriodery floss which was easier though I couldn't vary the width of the lines as you can with varying numbers of floss strands.
I quilted in the ditch around the blocks and diaonally across the nonepatches.

Stitches - I'll cut off the tails.
In the blue blocks I am using 5 little white "ties" using a clasp stitch and the memory sequence function on my machine whereby it cuts the thread after a single stitch. Easy and effective.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Wow! you made a machine do that? Lucky group to get the demo.