Sunday, 27 November 2011

Quilting retreat

Stack'n'Whack blocks
Redwork coverlet hanging in the chapel anteroom

No sooner had I got back from Houston than I set off, the very next day, for a quilting retreat in Norfolk, a quiet country location with meals provided and sewing from dawn till midnight. I took along various UFO's  though only finished one but the others are more finished than they were.   However as I was due to do a redwork session for Quay Quilters I was pleased to encounter this piece hanging outside in the chapel entrance.

I framed these bluework blocks, pieced the ninepatches and made the centre top. Since coming home I've added a border to which I shall add more stitchery. I cut and made more kaleidoscope blocks and decided this was the right number of blocks for this top though I have plenty of fabric leftover. I'll add a border anon.

My bluework seashore top

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Julie Fukuda said...

Those are all quite nice. I have tried the stack and whack twice but without the stacking and by using a template and marking each piece, I liked the way they turned out. Your blue work is looking good.