Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Usual Suspects Day

Judy's super samples
Today I have packed up some of my quilts to show to a U3A group who have been studying the Amish this term. I lent the tutor a couple of books about Amish quilts. This represents quite an upheaval but it's good for quilts to be unfolded and refolded and I need to get them into the order I shall use them with winter ones on top.
Tracy's Christmas project
All packed up and ready to go

Belinda's Cindy Blackberg piece

It's two weeks to the day since the Usual Suspects met here so this is a very belated "Show & Tell". Judy and Belinda shared their work from Houston workshops, Belinda's from Cindy Blackberg's class and Judi's from Debbie Krasilik - I just love those chevrons. Meanwhile Tracy is getting ready for Christmas.

Last night I finished handquilting the border of the Blue Squares quilt.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Those are so nice but I love the blue squares most of all!