Saturday, 23 April 2011

Crab & Winkle meet again

Country Roads
Contrary Wife

Marion's further sample

We met at Pam's for our Crab & Winkle get together last night and among other things Marion showed us yet another sample in very pleasing pale colours she has made for the Stack & Slash workshop which I am planning to do. I cannot resist these quick and easy (I hope) projects which I usually do as charity quilts.

Mary has made a superb quilt for the batik challenge at Sandown but I won't show this till nearer the time. Meanwhile I have still been distracted by Spring sitting outside and reading Alan Bennet's "Not like other people" for book group, much enjoyed and rereading Sara Davidson's "Loose Change" a book about herself and friends at Berkeley in the 60's and the decade that followed. I found I had less patience with the protagonists than the first time - crusty middle age.  However I completed Contrary Wife and Country Roads blocks for the Farmer's Wife project.

Marion's tessellated quilt

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