Thursday, 21 April 2011

Distracted by Spring

Bluebells peeping forth

City Centre cherry tree

Farmers Wife 21 & 23
We are enjoying very warm days here in Kent UK at the moment and this is a very colourful time of year in the countryside and in our gardens. A sight everyone should see if only once is massed bluebells in dappled shade. We went to Rye to see friends yesterday and left early so we could go for a walk in the woods. The bluebells are only just emerging so a later trip is called for. Because of the weather I have been sitting outside and not sewing but today I did my homework: courthouse step blocks for a group quilt and these two Farmers Wife blocks. When I got back from Exeter I spent the whole week getting papers and files in order. I am an inveterate keeper of records and had allowed a backlog to build up. I can no longer keep the runs of magazines I used to so am tearing out the bits I want to keep and these are all filed under various headings. And then there the records of my own quiltmaking plus workshops, group activities, design inspirations and all the attendant photos. At some point these will all have to be thrown out willy nilly but in the meantime they are important to me.

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Julie Fukuda said...

When you figure out how to toss things ... pass on the secret. I had a wonderful stack of craft magazines long out of print and when we were moving I saved some and tossed the rest and have regreted ever since.