Friday, 11 September 2009

Downtown Portland

Our first venture beyond our immediate neighbourhood was downtown Portland on the tram where we took a self guided walk around some of the main buildings and along the river before ending up at Powells, world famous and huge bookshop. I liked the way new and secondhand books were interfiled so one could choose the cheaper volume. I managed about two and half bays of quilting books before saturation point was reached. I bought titles of historical interest including two books detailing Barbara Johannah's methods as I'm very interested in tracking back to the original sources of the quicker methods we all use today. I also bought Lois Hallock's "Creating your perfect quilting space" as I plan to remodel my sewing room and I'm going to a talk by her on Monday, I hope. I also bought Spike Gillespie's "Quilty as charged" a lively account of the world of quilting from, initially, an outsider's point of view. Great American Quilts Book 6 and Carol Fure's "Surprising designs from traditional quilt blocks". Anyway here is the quilting section at Powells and more of neighbour Mary's quilts.

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