Sunday, 12 August 2018

Festival doings

As well as the Chris English workshop yesterday (see my "porthole"), I did another three hour hour class on Friday, this time with Sandra Johnson on  letters. It was such fun but also quite technical and focused. We all worked on the letter "O" as that is the most difficult. I met Sandra in Pasadena and hope to catch up with her again in Austin.
Another great feature of this show and a chance to sit down are the 1 hour workshops with experienced teachers and kits provided. I did Kantha stitching with Angela Daymond who will come to Oast next year.
My Kantha kit which also included needle and thread and muslin backing

Angela's sample

My intial

Sandra with her denim quilt

Sandra's lovely and striking Freedom quilt, freedom her word of the year.

My "porthole"

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