Monday, 26 February 2018

Saturday's doings: talks by Carolyn Friedlander, Teresa Duryea Wong, Lee Chapell Monroe and Chawne Kimber

I was so delighted to see and hear the big names in person but the most lasting influence on my quilting will probably be Lee Chapell Monroe who rattled off (with illustrations on screen) a whole list of tips, many of which were unknown to me. I wrote them down as fast as I could and will write them up when I get home. An example is:" when sewing a decorative stitch set the machine to a slower speed and sew with the foot right down n the pedal".
Carolyn drew this "in school" (High or College?) and she thought it would make a great fabric . . .

Carolyn  (on left)wearing one of her own creations

An early CF quilt showing the fields and trees of her childhood Florida home on a cattle and citrus farm.

Her first stand at Quilt Market

Lee Chapell Monroe's quilts

The subject of Lee Chapell Monroe's talk

Teresa Duryea Wong's talk about the Japanese quilting scene.
The teaching centres around "masters".

The subject of Chawne Kimber's lecture

Chawne Kimber

Presidential portraits featured in CK's talk: Michelle is in a (modern) Patchwork dress!

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Julie Fukuda said...

That must have been a great presentation, even for hand sewers like me.