Sunday, 25 February 2018


This was the theme for the charity challenge and a category in the show, one where I took quite a few pictures.
Kathy York: Wedding Rings and Crossroads
Kathy is a past Best of Show winner (2015?) and has two or three quilts
in this QuiltCon.

Christa Watson: HST Remix
I do like an HST and note that some of these are pieced though the flying geese you can
see are part of the fabric print.

Maria Shell: Bliss
She likes the lines of her work too vibrate and feels "Bliss" might manage this too well.

Jen Carlton Baily: Turbine
Made in three days using stash fabric. She has published the pattern.

Staci Meyr: Cape
Modified Drunkard's Path based on the orangle glow on the horizon during the Solar Eclipse

Jeannie Jenkins: Diamond in the Rough
Combines love of hexies and of paper piecing,
Used EQ7 in the design process.

AnnMarie Cowley: Hot Cross Buns

Working out how it was pieced: there are well matched seams.

Sheri Cifaldi Morrill: Sun Salutations
Expresses Hawaii sunrises in solid colour gradations and HST's.

Yvonne Fuchs: Digital Wave

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