Friday, 23 February 2018

QUILTCON THURSDAY: Two talks and a class

I attended a couple of lectures, Kim Eichler-Messmer in the morning. It was fascinating to see how her work had changed gear over the years to the point now where she is translating her home dyed fabrics into a commercial fabric collection.
At the end of the day it was Christopher Thompson talking about fabric choices laying a heavy emphasis on fashion trends of which he has advance warning through his day job with Gap. He gets rid of any fabric he hasn't used after a year.
And another fbric collection
In the evening I did a class with Katie Pederson, much anticipated as I follow her blog SewKatieDid.
We had made stack and slash nine patches in advance and proceeded to stack and slash some more.

Some samples

A completed quilt

My trimmed blocks

 The classroom was very well equipped with a row of mats rulers and cutters at one side and the most wonderful Panasonic cordless irons on the other. I tone of these but cost a LOT . We used Janome 6700 machines and I have my eye on one. It was useful to have my queries answered by the onhand technician.
Oh those lovely irons

The spacious classroom.


Churn Dash said...

I love Panasonic irons but I don't like cordless irons.

I'll stick with my corded panasonic irons!


Julie Fukuda said...

When my old iron died and I went to buy a new one, almost all were cordless but I hesitated to buy one, thinking it would take a long time to iron anything if I had to keep setting the iron back to heat. In the end, I found only one with a cord and it is rather heavy and larger than needed. Wish there was a way to try out all kinds of appliances before buying them. At least sewing machines are available to try first ... and beware, you might just get hooked.