Friday, 23 February 2018

QuiltCon Thursday: Charity Challenge

I arrived in time for the awards ceremony at 8 o' clock, not too much of a hardship as I wake up in the small ours still and in the gap before the first lecture I went and photographed some more group charity quilts which hung all around the walls of the lecture room as well as the lobby.
Last time I came the theme was improv which gave rise to some very higgledy piggledy unconsidered pieces whereas this year's "Modern Traditionalism theme led to some original and thoughtful results as you can see in the row of three below.
Three stunning quilts in a row, all referencing tradition.

This was hanging on the wall of the lecure hall and caught my attention even as I listened
to the speaker

Simple and effective color story

The fuk
ll quilt

Detail of my favourite

This was my favourite among the charity quilts. I especiall like fabrics.d the background

These ladies were rightly very proud of their quilt.
The modern element achieved through differences in scale.

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Julie Fukuda said...

You never seem to be short of things to inspire. I think I would go crazy with a head so full of ideas.