Friday, 29 December 2017

Look what Secret Santa gave me

Secret Santa Judi came up trumps with my pressie. a nice size combination pressing mat, pieces holder, cutting surface and sandpaper type surface for drawing round template, It will be very useful for the sewing at Bonnies and working on my  Quilt of the Crosses blocks. One of the other Secret Santas liked it so much she got one for herself.

I am cross with myself for leaving the longest gap ever between posts. I wrote quite a long considered post only to press the wrong button and it all to vanish before publishing so with the discouragement of that and a frenzy of DNP sewing for the workshop plus Christmas preparations I let the time pass.
Now I am home enjoying the quiet time before activities start up again in the new year so I shall endeavour to catch up.

1 comment:

Julie Fukuda said...

That looks like the most handy thing I can imagine.
I have some smaller ones I have constructed over time but that looks like the "real thing".
The sandpaper feature is what I use most but the cutting area might be useful if I were a machine piecer.