Saturday, 30 December 2017

Tree Skirt

My namesake Mary shared a tree skirt pattern  but it wasn't till this year I got round to making it. We had the most magnificent tree ever so it merited a suitable set out.
The skirt was composed of pieced diamonds and feature squares. When I looked at the pattern it seemed that I needed to cut some squares on point and some straight. In the event it would have been better to cut the all on point (they were a directional print) but by then I'd burnt my boats. I quilted it with a thick soft vilene as wadding.
To tie it round the tree I cut a circle out from the centre and a slit with ties. It was a surprisingly quick and easy make for so effective a result.
The diamond units

The feature squares, 4 on point and four cut straight

I made four of these units practising Y-seams

The completed piece before I trimmed the rear square level with the adjoining  ones and cutting the centre circle and slit

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Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, I do like that pattern! I made a skirt for my daughter a few years back . Putting diamonds between the six star points made it into a hexagon. I like that star effect you obtained.