Sunday, 12 November 2017


For the last few years Grosvenor have mounted one of their seasonal shows at the Kent Showground, Detling. It's on a rather small scale compared with the others but much appreciated as it's much nearer  than the others. I quite like seeing several quilts by the same maker or different interpretations of the same theme.
Here are some of the ones I photographed:

Greta Fitchett: Morrocan Babouches

Lesley Brankin: By the Common

Cherry Vernon-Harcourt: Coastal Study 1

Jaqui Tobin: Sea Snake, a favourite

Sharon Gray: The Dot

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Julie Fukuda said...

Using quilting as art seems to be a growing trend. Certainly it is every bit as creative as throwing oil on canvass ... and a lot softer.