Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Suffolk travels

We are coming to an end of our Suffolk trip and have done lots of historical and cultural things. In among the memorials and the churches and castles I am also alert to textile bits and pieces.. We started off in one cottage but are now in another - where everything works! However at the first one I was pleased to see draped over a bench and rather bedraggled a quilt. I suspect the child for whom it was made is long grown up.
The Suffolk churches are wide and spacious and light filled but looking down there are usually individually needleworked kneeling pads. I love spotting all the different designs.
The cte cars

A local scene

My favourite, a sheaf of corn

Very appropriate here where fish re abundant

And on a different note an embroidery decorating a stool in th church,
rather Jacobean in its imagery.
And on my own account I have been doing a nightly stint on my Quilt of the Crosses BOM tacking the units for the blocks and joining pieces. I reckon three years; six months to tack and two years and half to sew. May send it out to quilt.. .
My BOM kit

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