Friday, 8 September 2017


The first weekend in September marked the annual return of the Quilters Guild Region Two Quilt Show held in the grounds of Hever Castle home to Ann Boleyn. The Hever folk provide us with a marquee and store our quilt stands and help with the hanging of the very large quilts in the centre. I help put up and take down other quilts. Alan and I bring our trusty ladder with us.
This year's show was one of the best.
by Jo Joy, a an effective use of HST's

Linus baby quilts based on a Modern Quilt group's tutor box; very young babies can only distinguih black and white

I liked the way the quilting echoed but also ovelaid the piecing: food for thought

A poor photo of a group's medallion mystery quilts

This bright one stood out

Brigitte Gillespie's Tula quilt,  shimmering around the iconic Elizabeth Tudor's image print

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Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, all are so lovely. I am interested in seeing the process of those medallion quilts.