Tuesday, 15 August 2017

FOQ17 THREE Traditional 01

On arrival I always walk round the traditional section paying attention to each one and walk these aisles when it's time to leave. This time I had a class last thing so a quick glance was all I had time for. Here is my selection chosen for purely personal reasons.
Simone Steuxner: My Heart Is Swedish
I love the intense blue background on this one- food for thought!

Pippa Moss: Lei Moni - Lei of Pearls
Pippa Moss is a name I always look out for. I'm impressed by how she can manage
 to cut and applique such a large single piece and the patience to take two years
to complete a quilt of this nature.

Melinda Barry: Bangkok and Blean
Melinda is a fellow member of Quay Quilters. It is for her daughter who was born in Thailand
but grew up in Blean near Canterbury. Appropriately it is made from Thai silk using a
traditional English strippy format cable quilting patterns.

Jean Duncan Farr: Slow Dance, one of several others in the show based on
Willyne Hammerstein's "Millefiori Quilts" book. I'm not surprised makers decide to
show them once completed.


Verity Seago: Merbreeze
I thought this had a very individual original look to it and the snails trail/waves border is
definitely an idea to file for future use.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Well, that first one would have caught my eye s well. What original pictures in those applique blocks.