Tuesday, 15 August 2017

FOQ 17 FOUR: Traditional 02

Linda Forey: Diamonds Last Forever
Judge's Choice

Detail: brilliant manipulation of stripes

Dawn Monk: My Butterfly Garden
I met the maker of thisone; she said she started out out determined not to fussy cut but
succumbed to the butterflies and blossoms to the point of unpicking her earlier work.
A favourite


Valerie Huggins: Seed Packet
Simple piecing letting the fabric do the work. An idea I like and have just spotted the
large pink lily bottom row which was the focus of one of my quilts.

Barbara Doyle Davidson: Arrowheads
I've always liked this pattern since making a block for my first Quay Quillters' Sampler piece.

Elizabeth Johnston: Shades of Colour
I like the way this isn't quite Bargello with the use of alternate wide and
narrow  gradations of strips.

Detail: batik textures work well here

Anne Marshall: Pink Roads (detail)
Block design noted..

A quick quilt to celebrate a collection of fabric, here Tula Pink's Tabby Roads

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Julie Fukuda said...

The judges must have taken a long time to decide the winner. All of those are spectacular.