Saturday, 5 November 2016

Jelly Roll Strings with dear Jane

My blocks

Jane before the class started

Jane's samples

Jane's four blocks together

My block is ready to trim

Today (Friday) I took a workshop with Jane Hall who is very elderly but very delightful and sharp as anything. She promised us it would be the easiest workshop we would ever take and so it proved but all the more enjoyable for that and a strategy for successful string pieced blocks was passed  on.  And I did get round more of the quilt categories.
Melissa Sobotka's Silk Road Sampler which won the $5000 award for innovative artistry.
She was inspired by a vendor's array of applique cushions in the Spice Market, Istanbul.
I used to cross the bridge from  where we lived to buy spices there. The maker used
fused applique techniques to make this remarkable quilt.

This illustrates a scientific paper about perception..Elaine Wick Poplin's Vertigo
attempts to creae the illusion of concentric rings which do not intertwine though peripheral
vision says that they do - fascinating.

This is REM Rapid Eye Movement by Sonia Grasvik illustrating the rapid eye movement
indicating the sleeper is in a hidden world of dreams.

Detail of block
We met for the mandatory cocktails in our hotel and as you can see we are on good terms with Gerald the barman. Margaritas all round.
So we didn't have to queue a second time


Churn Dash said...

The Silk Road Quilt won best in show at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February this year, I loved it and was astounded by the detail on it.

You seem to be having a great trip, and you blocks are colourful and fun.


JoZart Quilts said...

Love your bright blocks and it has given me the idea to use this idea for our group quilt for our next year's show. We have mixed abilities and this would lend itself to a group project with good results for all and a great finished quilt as the outcome.
Jane look so sweet and how lovely she is still teaching workshops and sharing her skills and talent.
Jo x