Saturday, 5 November 2016

Eating and dining in Houston plus a few quilts and a workshop too.

Thurs was very busy with no time to blog so here are Tracy and I meeting up with friends at the cafe on Discovery Green and enjoying Tex Mex with Carolyn Forster a short distance away from the hotel. No cabs involved in the partaking of this meal which was accompanied by wine and cocktails, A very  chatty night.
Tansy, Tracy and Jackie at the cafe on the Green

Tex Mex at Guardalahra

Carolyn, me and Tracy enjoying our meal

Belinda and Carolyn

Marti's sample

Marti with samples of her4 FQ Log Cabin Workshop

My fabrics for the workshop

A Charm of Flowers by Felicia Nakazawa

Detail - the quilt is simply pieced with these overlaid
appliqued flowers -very effective

I loved this "Twisted" exhibit by Mary Kerr who had incorporated vintage scraps into a
modern settng and the asked longarmers to quilt the tops in accordance with a modern
aesthetic. Tracy was entranced and bought the book.


Morre recycled hexagons from Mary Kerr


Julie Fukuda said...

A long way from the quay and still having fun with friends!!!!

JoZart Quilts said...

There seems to be a lot of eating, drinking and socialising on this trip. It all looks good to me and I am really enjoying sharing your trip.
jo x