Thursday, 3 September 2015

HST's: the four patch version

Simplest classic layout

The four by four 4-patch version of a 12" HST block lends itself to lots of  arrangements. This time the squares are cut 4" and after sewing trimmed to 3.5" unfinished to finish 3". If you didn't want to trim you would cut squares with 7/8"  added to the finished size.
Value (light and shade) plays a major role in the appearance of these blocks. I made up a set of scrappy 3" + seams HST's and set them out in different ways all making use of negative/positive effects. Secondary patterns will form when blocks are set side by side either in the same light/dark arrangements or reversed. These endless possibilities added to endless fabric choices are what makes patchwork fun and so so fascinating.
"Lozenge" layout which will form secondary pattern when
set side by side.

"On point" squares

A star

A star with "envelope" corners
Variegated flying geese

Diagonals which can be turned this way and that.

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