Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Holiday sewing set up

Sewing space

Sewing shop

Here is picture of my holiday sewing set up with bathroom next door and the ironing board set up in adjacent bedroom. I am getting something done everyday though I won't post about the last two days' efforts till the item is finished. I thought at first I had only the needle in my machine. What if it broke - then I found two more in my machine case. Just be on the safe side I popped into a sewing shop to get another packet.
And from Sisters a selection of quilts from the display of the work of the wonderful in every way Freddie Moran:
by Freddie Moran

Houses by Freddie Moran

Quilts all in a row by Freddie Moran

Detail of very effective raw edge applique

Freddie all in white

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